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Agence Immobilière Samatan


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Fees of 2   has   4%
+ Premium services

Tearrace d'un maison en pierre vendu par l'agence immobilière à Samatan

We only offer one plan - our premium plan .

At Maison Sloane, all our clients benefit from the best marketing package, including professional photos , advertisements on all portals , 3D renderings created by our interior designers, layout plans , access to our address book exclusive , expert advice on how to maximize the marketing of your home , and if necessary, we will establish the interior design file for the renovation of your property.

The Premium Package .


Pour trouver une agence immobilière à Samatan offrant un service de qualité supérieure, choisissez Maison Sloane.


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Rendus 3D photoréalistes.

The 3D renderings produced by Maison Sloane highlight the untapped potential of your property.

All renderings and layout plans are provided free of charge to the buyer and seller.

bathroom renovate lar the real estate agency in Toulouse


kitchen renovate lar the real estate agency in Toulouse


Le forfait comprend







(in case of sale)






All of the above is provided free . We are not paid that when we sold your house, quickly and at good price .

Our goods .


€399,000 HAI FAI of 2.6%
Condom | 32100 | 7 Pieces | 217m2

House for sale

€210,000 HAI FAI of 2.5%
Bouillac | 82600 | 6 Pieces | 145m2

€850,000 HAI FAI of 2.1%
Paved Coast | 31400 | 11 Pieces | 3 kitchens | 6 bedrooms | 220m2

House for sale


are our agency fees on average.

We reduce our agency fees, saving money for both seller and buyer.

We offer all the services of a real estate agency at a fraction of the cost of a traditional agency

maison vendu par un agence immobilière à Samatan

Did you know ?

Les étapes
Directrice d’une agence immobilière à Toulouse
Directeur d’une agence immobilière à Toulouse
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It all begins

by a meeting .

Meet Sebastian and Océane, your single point of contact from start to finish of your project. Book your free estimate with us, and we will visit you to examine your property in order to create the most fair and precise estimate possible.

This will also give you the opportunity to find out if we are the right agents to sell your home.

Get your



We favor total transparency by precisely sharing the methodology behind each estimate. We integrate historical sales data, current market trends, and the specifics of your property. We take into account all known data, small jobs carried out, and local economic conditions.

We provide you with an in-depth understanding of the value of your property through meticulous analysis.





We will develop a marketing strategy to maximize the marketing of your property. This can include staging your property through home staging, 3D renderings, renovation plans for potential buyers, floor plans, and much more.

We'll take care of professional photos, create videos for virtual tours and ensure everything is in place to promote your property across all platforms, showcasing it in all its glory.

During marketing

the number four

We manage the targeting of potential buyers, by carrying out a preliminary analysis of their financing file in collaboration with our partner broker. In addition, we take care of planning visits and submitting offers, providing a trusted evaluation.


with notaries

the number five

Après l'acceptation de l'offre par votre acquéreur potentiel, nous prenons en charge la mise en relation avec les notaires des deux parties, en leur fournissant tous les éléments nécessaires à la rédaction d'une promesse de vente. Nous sommes présents physiquement à chaque étape du processus de vente.

Follow up


the number six

During the entire sales process, we work closely with notaries to facilitate the collection of missing documents, in particular from trustees, always with the aim of optimizing signing times.


Steps .

Notre éthique


team of the real estate agency Maison Sloane in Toulouse

We are passionate about all things real estate, not just the real estate transaction. We work with experts in real estate photography, architecture, interior design and marketing. We invest our passion and expertise in each project, in this case, the sale of your real estate.

We will meticulously review every detail to extract the value of the property and maximize its marketability. We love (and are pretty good at) making properties look great, selling them quickly and for the right price.

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FNAIM Member

The FNAIM brings together experts in the sector who undertake, among other things, to observe the Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct of the profession. This ensures a commitment to rigor and quality.

Free estimate

Please complete the questionnaire and submit it.

You will receive a confirmation email where you can choose a time slot for your estimate.

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Estimation gratuite

Contact us for a free evaluation of your property, without obligation.


We will call you the same day once steps 1 and 2 are completed to introduce ourselves.

We do not provide online estimates. We believe there are simply too many variables and factors that can only be appreciated in person. This is why every estimate performed by Maison Sloane is done in person.

Merci de votre confiance! Nous vous répondrons sous peu!

Nos honoraires


For our Premium Transaction Package .

4% incl. tax

< 3.5% including tax

Jusqu'a 150k €

from 150k € to 250k €

< 3% incl. tax

2% incl. tax

more than €625k

from €300k to €625k

FAQs .

For what
Sloane House

Nous ne sommes pas simplement des professionnels; nous sommes des perfectionnistes. L'immobilier n'est pas seulement notre travail ; c'est notre passion. Nous avons pour mission de redéfinir la vente immobilière avec des frais réduits et une gamme élargie de services pour les vendeurs.

Fort de notre expérience en architecture d'intérieur, en marketing et dans tous les aspects de l'immobilier, nous possédons les outils nécessaires pour maximiser la commercialisation de votre propriété.

Notre seul objectif est la satisfaction du client, atteinte grâce à la vente rapide de votre maison et au juste prix.

Services included ?

Professional photo shoot
Dimensional plans
3D renderings by Maison Sloane
Aerial photos
Broadcast on all media with our premium subscriptions
Interior design file for the buyer
Virtual visit
Concierge service / single contact

Are you a digital agency ?

We are not a traditional agency because we do not have a physical agency. However, you will be in direct contact with Sebastian and Océane throughout your sales process. Human relations are and will always be essential, thus constituting the essential basis of our profession.

salon concu par l'agence immobilière à Blagnac

Do you have questions or are you just looking for free advice ?

Please feel free to call or email us. We would be delighted to help you.

Si vous envisagez de vendre, veuillez cliquer ici.

Nous serons ravis de vous rendre service et de vous proposer une
estimation immobilière gratuite.

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