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a friend and

you'll receive

Refer a friend, acquaintance, or anyone you know looking

to sell their property, and we'll express our gratitude

with a referral payment of 2000€

By using your recommendation we'll also give your referral an additional 10% discount on our fees

Referral fees .

We believe in the power networking. We'd like everyone to be able to enjoy being in the right place at the right time.

If you know someone looking to sell their property, just direct them to us.

Your recommendation will allow them to benefit
from an additional 10% reduction on our agency fees .

And once the sale of their property is concluded,
we'll pay you €2000 as a thank you for your introduction.

Refer a friend.

Give them the MS10 code to mention when contacting our agency.

You'll receive your referral commission of 2000€ upon sale of the property.

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If you know someone who wants to sell their property, we encourage you to recommend our sales services to them. At Maison Sloane, we value personal relationships and pride ourselves on our extensive network, developed through satisfied customers like you.


Benefits for the Seller


When a sale occurs through your referral, we express our gratitude to the seller by providing a 10% discount on our sales fees. This exclusive discount is applied directly as a token of appreciation for your referral. Consequently, the seller enjoys our outstanding services while also benefiting from significant savings on their selling costs, thanks to your recommendation.

Signing a Contract

Contract signature


To guarantee complete transparency and a clear understanding of our referral scheme, a tripartite contract is signed between yourself, the seller, and Maison Sloane. This contract formalises the agreement, ensuring mutual commitment and understanding from all parties involved.



And There you go! Once the property is officially exchanged, we will pay you your referral fee of €2,000

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