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We create a concept and layout for your space.


We provide all the instructions to pass on to your craftsmen.



You manage the work at your convenience and according to your schedule.

Need a little help to start your project?

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Design .


I'm running out of time.

My budget is tight.

I'm afraid to take on a project alone.

We save you time: receive your design file in just one week.

With our 3D modeling software, we bring your ideas to life.

No more unanswered questions: we support you and guide you in the design of your project.


We adjust to your budget and help you plan your project by expense item.

We give you all the keys to facilitate the implementation of the project. Make your decisions calmly.



Steps ?

Nous simplifions la conception de votre espace.

Meet us

Following your request, we will put you in touch with an interior designer. You will receive a questionnaire to complete and we will ask for some inspiration photos to confirm the perfect match.

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formulaire client de maison sloane
inspiration photos
Oceane and Sebastian
Phone displaying the Maison Sloane app
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Follow your project in real time via our tailor-made customer portal

As a MAISON SLOANE customer, you will have access to our exclusive customer portal - personalized software tailored to our services! By logging into your own dashboard, you can track your interior designer's progress in real time on your phone or computer.

an electrical plan
a layout plan
Phone displaying the Maison Sloane app
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Examine your design

After transferring the dimensions into our architectural software, we will create a proposal for the layout of your space for you.

Your plan will detail the dimensions of each item and appropriate furniture locations.

Feel free to adjust the layout according to your needs!

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Approve your concept

Then we will develop a concept for you. The concept sheet gives an idea of the design direction, highlighting the essential elements of the space (materials, furniture etc...) At this stage, you can tell us if we are on the right track, ensuring that your final presentation is perfect.

photos of material inspirations
mood board
2D kitchen elevations
Phone displaying the Maison Sloane app

3d renderings to help you visualize

Depending on the package chosen, you will also benefit from photo-realistic 3D renderings of your future space, to help you plan and visualize all the elements, materials and furniture that we have chosen together.

the number five
Phone displaying the Maison Sloane app

The Design is yours
Make your purchases!

Your personalized E-design is now complete! Your designer has gathered all the necessary elements to create your ideal space.

We also send you all our instructions and plans so you can manage the work yourself, at your own pace.

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2D kitchen worktops
Maison Sloane customer portal
Mobile phone displaying the Maison Sloane app
2D kitchen elevations

Our formulas .

For any project of less than 30 square meters , with no limit on the number of pieces.

Take a look below to see which

package best suits your needs.


If your project is more than
30 m²
, please click here to contact us directly and obtain a tailor-made quote in less than 24 hours.

Projects over 30 m² are calculated on a per square meter basis. You can learn more about our pricing structure by clicking here.

Bronze medal



For those looking for an affordable , simple and quick formula.

You want to redecorate one or more rooms without having to do major renovation work.

You want an interior designed by an interior designer but also want to take charge of the management of your project independently.

You lack creative and practical solutions and don't know where to start.

You are looking for an economical formula.




Pour ceux à la recherche d’une formule personalisée et plus détaillée.
Vous souhaitez rénover une ou plusieurs pièces mais vous avez peur de vous lancer dans des travaux d’aménagement sans accompagnement. 

Vous souhaitez garder la main sur votre projet. 

Vous êtes à la recherche de conseils pour l’aménagement de votre intérieur et la réalisation de votre projet.

Vous souhaitez une formule plus personnalisée.


Gold medal



For those looking for a complete and tailor-made formula.

You want a tailor-made solution while maintaining control over key decisions.

You want to delegate all the technical aspects for a stress-free experience, with experts to guide you every step and provide detailed recommendations.

You would like assistance with managing the budget for your project.

You seek perfection in interior design and are ready to invest to obtain an exceptional result.

Compare them .

What suits you best?

What do you need?

Bronze medal



Gold medal


Comparison table of pricing packages

Interior Design File (DAI)

Comparison table of pricing packages

Programme & Budget

Comparison table of pricing packages



Silver medal


Gold medal

As soon as your order is validated, you will automatically receive a confirmation by email.

It will include a link to our customer questionnaire to complete.


Once you have completed the questionnaire, you will be invited to choose a time slot for your first 30-minute onboarding meeting , where we will get to know each other and discuss your project.


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We look forward to working with you

and make your dream home a reality.

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