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Rénovation d'un appartement par un architecte d'intérieur à Toulouse

the design and layout of your project by an interior designer  In Toulouse

Our goal at Maison Sloane, your Interior Designer in Toulouse, is to make interior design accessible to everyone. Our creative team combines functionality and style, creating unique spaces that meet everyone's needs and lifestyles.

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Rénovation d'un salon à Toulouse par un architecte d'intérieur


Need a little help to start your project?

We create a concept for you.

We provide all instructions and technical drawings to transmit to your craftsmen.

You manage the work at your convenience and according to your schedule.


+ Execution

Would you like us to manage your entire renovation?

We create a concept for you.

We manage the monitoring and coordination of the work, from the selection of craftsmen to the reception of the site .

We supervise the entire project, including the management of orders for materials and furniture.


Here is what decoration and interior architecture experts in Bordeaux said about MAISON SLOANE and our achievements.


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We maintain trusted relationships with our supplier partners, and the discounts we obtain are passed directly to our customers. As a result, our clients can recover design costs thanks to discounts offered by


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Explore our blog for an in-depth analysis of current interior design trends. We also reveal our favorite travel destinations and many other topics. Immerse yourself in our world of an interior designer in Bordeaux!

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